When the Skies Wept: The Janazah of Shaykh al-Tafsir Mawlana Muhammad Na’im

Unfortunately, we in the West sometimes remain aloof of the magnificent personalities who surround us and who hold together the fragile threads that bind our communities. The fact that this great scholar lived amongst us for so long in the U.S. and that people remained oblivious of his presence and stature, his merit and academic prowess, baffles the mind.

This was a man who had taught the highest level books of hadith at Darul Uloom Deoband for decades. He was named Shaykh al-Hadith by his own teacher and Ustadh of Bukhari at Darul Uloom Deoband, Mawlana Fakhrul Hasan al-Muradabadi (rh). His twelve-volume tafseer of the Qur’an, Anwar al-Qur’an, is unparalleled in the urdu language. His commentary on Tafseer al-Jalalayn, entitled al-Kamalayn, is a standard reference book for students of tafseer. Continue reading