Madrasat al-Hasanayn Updated Curriculum Years 1-4

After posting an earlier synopsis of the Hasanayn curriculum when I was studying there fifteen years ago, a current student was kind enough to send me an updated version for the first four years of the eight year program.

Interestingly enough, when the curriculum was first cooked up, it was designed to be a 12-year program. I remember Mawlana Tariq Jameel taking an oath from the students that they would be willing to stay for that long and even longer, that they be ready to study however long was required or die trying. Mawlana was of the opinion that a subject-by-subject approach would require students to commit more years. In the years that I was there, the strength of the program proved that students weren’t being slowed down in any way by the approach. In fact, they were able to handle more than one or two classes per day quite easily without being overwhelmed with work. Mawlana was pleasantly surprised and willing to increase the daily amount of classes.

In any case, attached is the curriculum for years 1-4 in Arabic. Download.


3 thoughts on “Madrasat al-Hasanayn Updated Curriculum Years 1-4

  1. WannabeStudent says:

    Alsalamu alaikum Mawlana Bilal,
    Do you know the time the classes take place? Is it possible to continue working full time and take classes in Indianapolis?

    • Bilal Ali says:

      If you are planning on working while studying, your best option would be Darul Qasim in the Chicago-land area. Its programs are better designed for working adults and college students, both their full-time and part-time options.

      Bilal Ali

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